Daniel Ray Underwood beyond the Investigation

Daniel Ray Underwood, 33, died of a shotgun wound to the head on September 4, 2008, while engaged in an altercation with his girlfriend in a home they shared in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Daniel, his girlfriend and two friends had been at a bar earlier that evening. While there, his girlfriend had appeared mad and upset with him because she said he was talking and flirting with another girl whom they had been playing pool with. According to a very credible witness, Daniel appeared to be in a good mood during the entire evening. One of Daniel’s friends had accompanied the couple back to Daniel’s house. According to this eyewitness, once there, Daniel and the girlfriend got into a heated argument, so the friend left the room for a few minutes. A short time later, she returned and saw them in the hallway between the three bedrooms. Daniel was holding a shotgun in his right hand and confronting and accusing the girl of taking a large sum of his cash which he had discovered was missing from a jar he kept on the mantle. Later, in one of the police interviews, she even confirms this in her own words, that indeed, there was a big sum of money that was gone. According to the police reports, someone had been logged into Daniel’s bank account which showed he only had a balance of $42 in it. This was all the money Daniel had left after receiving $25,000 from his 401K retirement fund and a bank loan on his truck for $1,500 in less than a month’s time. The witness stated that, after he had discovered this, Daniel seemed to be trying to scare the girl into confessing that she was responsible for “cleaning him out” and putting him in debt. Daniel’s girlfriend grabbed the gun, and a struggle ensued. The witness again ran from the room, and a few seconds later, as she was stepping back into the hallway, she saw the girlfriend grab the gun, and start pushing and pulling the gun back and forth, as she shoved it towards Daniel, the gun went off. The witness said Daniel had been in mid-sentence and the girlfriend was screaming at him, and then he kind of blurted out the word that sounded like he was saying “WHAT?” in the middle of his sentence, that's when the gun went off. Then, she said, Daniel fell to the floor, where he landed on his side, curled into a fetal position. According to the witness, she immediately wanted to call 911. However, Daniel's girlfriend cried out, “No, no wait! No! Hold on! Wait!” as if giving herself additional time to get things sorted out before the authorities were called. Later, she told Daniel's friend that she didn’t want to open the door for the rescue personnel because her cats might get out! She snatched up the gun from the hallway, where it had fallen, and shoved it into the bedroom. She, then, after two or more strenuous attempts, managed to turn Daniel over onto his back, (which is the position in which she told police he landed), and positioned him so that his feet protruded into the bedroom and were on top of the gun. Before finally calling 911, she told the friend that she was not to tell the police that her and Daniel had been fighting. After the police arrived, the two women had to wait outside. While waiting, the girlfriend was making one phone call after another, calling everyone she could think of, (including the bartender), telling them about Daniel, and that she was his beneficiary and owned everything he had. All of this is happening, outside in the YARD, at the CRIME SCENE, while Daniel was inside the house, still had a pulse, and... WAS NOT YET DEAD. This is just a fraction of the bizare events that took place on that deadly night, and the days to follow, but will continue with more details at a later time, or during the court proceedings...

To Be Continued....